Predator Management

Official correspondence goes to: 
Sublette County Predator Board
2553 Big Sandy-Elkhorn Road
Boulder, WY 82923

Livestock producers requesting assistance in depredation situations/wanting predator control can contact any of these board members:


NameEmailPhoneTerm Expires
Pete Arambel (sheep)Email Pete Arambel(307) 354-82612019
Lou Roberts (cattle)Email Lou Roberts(307) 360-90762019
Cat Urbigkit (sheep)Email Cat Urbigkit(307) 360-66722018
Kay Malkowski (sheep)Email Kay Malkowski (307) 360-73752018
Kevin Campbell (cattle)N/A(307) 739-07592020
Clay Olson (cattle)Email Clay Olson(307) 899-42402020
Gary Burstad (sportsmen)Email Gary Burstad(307) 354-86152020


The Sublette County Predator Management District Board oversees a limited program control of certain predators on private property in the County. One member is appointed by the County Commission, and remaining members are elected by livestock producers who pay predator fees during brand inspections. The Board meets during the first two weeks of December every year to elect officers, decide its operational scope for the year, and finalize the budget.

Public records are available for public review during regular business hours at the Sublette County Clerk's Office in the courthouse in Pinedale.