Child Support

Changing or Enforcing an Existing Order

If you have questions about changing or enforcing your existing order, please contact a private attorney. Child Support Services of Wyoming may also be able to assist you. However, they will only assist with child support modifications if it has been at least three years since the last order setting child support was filed.


If you have question about your child support payments, please contact the Clerk of District Court Office at (307) 367-4376.

Income Withholding Orders and Notices to Payor

Many employers have been ordered to withhold income for child support from people in their employment based on Income Withholding Orders and Notices to Payor.

Processing Payments

Though we cannot give legal advice, this Office will not refuse to process any child support payment for which there is a current order to pay child support, provided the method of payment is acceptable. Child support payments are normally processed within one working day of receipt.

Create A child support account

Go to to create a Child Support Account.